If You Are Looking for a Homeopathic or Holistic Alternative for Cold Relief, Check out Copper Rescue®

Copper has been used for millennia for a multitude of purposes including medicinal. In modern times, it has been used in various industries from electricity and wiring to plumbing and roofing, it has multiple uses. However, it wasn't until 2008 that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) recognized copper as the first antimicrobial metal. Since then, various studies have surfaced proving the element's various benefits. Additionally, modern hospitals are also using copper infused surfaces to effectively reduce infections. Copper Rescue® has been developed as a personal use antimicrobial wellness tool for individuals and people on the go.

Copper Rescue® provides one of the best antimicrobial products, which is a multitool made of 99.9% copper that is used to aid the body's natural immune system to fight off colds, cold sores and finger and facial warts as well as clean minor cuts. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties and effectiveness, it has become popular among its users and is coveted as a natural germ defense system. We believe society deserves access to our leading antimicrobial products to protect themselves and others, which is why we created an effective naturopathic homeopathic alternative nasal wand equipped with the features to ward off microbes and germs quickly and easily. However, Copper Rescue® should not be used by persons with Wilson's disease or those with allergies or sensitivity to copper.

We understand the importance of our naturopathic multitool and value your welfare, which is why we have reasonably priced our packages that ensure quality, effectiveness, and efficiency always. Our packages include the family pack, couple's defense pack, and the original pack, consisting of four, two, and one nasal wand, respectively. One of the best aspects of this nasal wand is its versatility. You can purchase our Clip n Clean accessory to carry it with you to trips, hikes, adventures, airplanes, and wherever you go. This way, your health and wellness are protected everywhere you go!

We Provide a Quick and Effective Alternative to Cold Sore Treatment

Our multitool is designed as an effective natural germ defense against microbes, which gives its users the relief that their health will be safeguarded wherever they go. The features of our Copper Rescue® wands include:

Cold Symptoms: Once you've caught a cold, getting rid of it can be a real challenge. Our homeopathic / naturopathic copper multitool can help ease cold symptoms if applied within two hours of exhibiting symptoms.

Helps Remove Finger & Facial Warts: If used persistently, the copper multitool can also effectively help you get rid of finger and facial warts. Some users have also reported help with minor acne.

Clean Hands: While soap and water are the best way to ensure your hands are free of microbes, the Copper Rescue® hand-i-tizer is a good alternative if traveling or soap is out of your reach.

Cleanse minor cuts: We recommend frequent travelers and hikers always keep Copper Rescue® with them as they can use it to cleanse minor wounds and cuts and help keep them from getting infected.

Alternative Cold Sore Treatment: A Copper Rescue® wand can work as an effective cold sore treatment / alternative if applied correctly on the affected area for 2-4 minutes, may be repeated as needed before the blister stage.

Copper Rescue®

Copper Rescue® antimicrobial products are brand new germ defense tools that are revolutionizing personal health and wellness as we know it. It combines the natural science of biology and chemistry to inactivate germs. The "antimicrobial power" of pure copper combined with the unique shape of the Copper Rescue® allows it to support the body to reduce germs in a variety of ways and locations. The natural germ defense enables you to eliminate germs on your hands, prevent colds and aid in cold sore treatment.

Our goal with the Copper Rescue® is to provide a quality, effective, and affordable tool so everyone can benefit from the naturopathic life changing science of antimicrobial copper.


From the earth to your hands, Copper Rescues® are made in the USA with 99.9% pure antimicrobial copper. They are individually crafted in a brand new, state of the art, "ISO 9001; 2015 facility" (cleanliness is a priority). We do our absolute best to make sure we provide the most high quality copper tool on the market. These homeopathic natural germ defense antimicrobial products come with an airtight, test tube carrying case for convenient handling and storage.


In order to make the most affordable copper tool we kept it simple: a round shape for rolling between hands to get the most surface contact with germs, and a smooth slender tip for reducing germs in the nose and on the lips, providing a natural sanitizer and helping the body to naturally apply the best cold medicine Alternative.


Although copper has been proven to be an effective germicidal, the different applications of this property have not been taken advantage of. It is the specialized Copper Rescue® design that allows all the benefits of antimicrobial copper to be combined into one effective multitool providing a natural sanitizer and alternative best cold medicine. The Rescues are a natural germ defense and a perfect addition to your health and wellness tool box. Take a look at some of the amazing testimonials we have received from customers...


We truly believe in the amazing science of Copper, which is why Copper Rescue® was born. We stand behind our product with excellent customer service, and a 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.