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I was skeptical, but gave it a try and have found Copper Rescue® to help with a variety of small issues like cold sores, small cuts, pending colds, and more.


Helena, Montana

I received my package - sending a thousand thanks for the package. The brochures are perfect to attach to the gifts. I am already using my copper rescue® tool, and was not bothered with the drippy nose my husband suffered over the weekend!

Thanks again! GREAT customer service!


Copper Rescue® is the best help I have found for my cold sores!



I had excessive small warts on hands and face. Prescription wasn't enough but using the Copper Rescue® I can't believe the combined results. I now only have a a very slight remaining reminder of the condition. So grateful for Copper Rescue® even told 'needy' friends about it.

Dick R


Used my Copper Rescue® at the beginning of a cold sore, and the next morning it was gone!

Andrea B.

The Copper Rescue® did arrive and was put into action immediately. I had a friend over for the weekend. She was forewarned that I was sniffly. She started showing evidence of a cold herself, so we figured it was the perfect time to try the new device. To our relief she never got the cold. It was a pretty impressive illustration of its effectiveness.



I was very skeptical at first, but when I felt a cold coming on I gave it a go and couldn't believe it actually worked! I didn't get sick! I usually get sick a lot every year. So excited to have a tool that works! I even take it skiing :)

Jadon F.

Jadon F.

If I use my Copper Rescue® as soon as I get cold sores, they do not get to the blister stage and they are completely gone within a couple days. I use it throughout the year.

Lou Ellen W.


It's so nice to have a safe and reusable hand sanitizer with me when I travel

Susan M.

Susan M.


Used my Copper Rescue® on a runny nose and it stopped dripping in a short time.

Terry D.


As a mother of small children, a full time worker, and an active volunteer in my community, I need every tool I can get to help decrease my chances of getting sick. The Copper Rescue® is easy to use, natural, and it fits in my purse. I recommend it to anyone looking to add to their toolbox of cold fighting methods.

Julie J.

Office Manager

I had a small, sore thumb wound. When I used the Copper Rescue® on it, no infection began and it healed overnight.

Ken B.

Child Care

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for the excellent and effective product, Copper Rescue®, and offering it at an excellent price. Copper Rescue® is so affordable that I have one at the house, one in the pickup, one on the desktop at work and I ALWAYS carry one in my pocket, just in case. As to the efficacy of Copper Rescue® - I am a believer! Already three times this winter I have used my Copper Rescue® to beat back an incipient cold. At the very first signs of an impending cold, I used my Copper Rescue® as directed multiple times over the next couple of days and EACH TIME I avoided the cold as my co-workers (in a very public place) suffered from colds and Influenza A (2 tested positive). For me, the Copper Rescue® really works!

M. K.


I have been using my Copper Rescue® for 3 months now, and so far no colds. I will continue to use it as cold and flu season is present. Thank you for a great product.



April 2020

I had this odd sore on the corner of my mouth where my lips meet. I rubbed the Copper Rescue® on it for a minute a few times a day and within 2 days the pain was gone and within 4 days the sore was gone.

Bud M


I had a wart on my face and I used the Copper Rescue® in the evenings for several days - up to 5 minutes per day. Over the time the wart faded away. So nice not to need to have it removed!

Fran F.


I had a cold sore start and used my Copper Rescue®. It never got to the blister stage and the soreness went away within a day.

Betty F.


I used The Copper Rescue® on a festering hang nail and it took care of it. I use it for a variety of germy things. In our house we call it the Magic Stick. It is amazing.

Tenille W.

Health Coach

Copper Rescue® has greatly helped my body deal with my chronic sinus infection. It has let me breathe well again at night. I use the Copper Rescue® for a variety of other things too, like bites, scratches and odd lesions.

Susan B.

Health Store Worker

You Can Be One of Our Success Stories Too!

Copper Rescue® can kill germs on contact, there are many different applications for it. People are even receiving help with minor cuts and acne, along with small finger and facial warts. Aid your body's naturally healing powers by grabbing your Copper Rescue® today and our next success story could be yours!