Copper Rescue ® 

Changing the way society deals with germs with Natural Germ Defense.

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What Is Copper Rescue® & How To Use It?

Reduce Your Germ Load

Nature's Recipe

Copper has been thought for thousands of years to have somewhat "magical" properties, but recent discoveries show the magic is actually scientific fact. Finally the life changing science of antimicrobial copper has been crafted into an affordable tool that everyone can benefit from.

Support your body as it fights off colds, and cold sores, and naturally clean your hands of germs. Compared to the recurring price of cold medicine and cold sore creams, the lifetime value of the Copper Rescue® is unbeatable. Equip yourself today, and experience the benefits for years to come.

Stop Colds Before They Stop You

Deal with colds anytime, anywhere. When used properly at the beginning of a cold, the Copper Rescue® can help the body stop a cold before it starts. Defend against colds year round.

Clean Hands Save The Environment

Forget chemical hand sanitizers and their wasted plastic bottles... Copper Rescue® lasts a lifetime and never expires! Buy one and naturally eliminate germs year after year.

Fight Cold Sores Bring The Day To Life

If your wondering how to get rid of cold sores naturally, Copper Rescue® can help! Those annoying outbreaks last as little as one day when matched with a clean Copper Rescue®.
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The information on this website is not given as health advice. We are simply sharing copper's history, noted studies, and personal experiences

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The Copper Rescue® Mission:

We're striving to change the world of personal health and wellness through a quality, effective, and affordable tool that can benefit people in their day to day lives. Our goal here at the Copper Rescue® headquarters is to provide a natural and worthwhile wellness tool for the general public. We are here to serve you and want to ensure that you get the most beneficial results and convenient service.

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Reasons Why Our Customer's Love Our Holistic Antimicrobial Products

The first medicinal recording of copper was in 2200-2600 BC and there have been multiple recordings since then. Copper is a multi-purpose metal that has comprehensive properties and benefits. Copper was studied and understood more through the late 1800's and early 1900's, however the research later stalled with the introduction of antibiotics. It wasn't until 2008, that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) recognized copper as the first antimicrobial metal, and since then, various studies have been conducted, proving that metal has many beneficial properties. Modern hospitals and some public places have used copper infused surfaces to effectively reduce infections. With those foundational certainties we wanted to create a personal use copper multi-tool for germ fighting purposes.

Copper Rescue® is a multitool and hand-i-tizer that can effectively fight off cold symptoms and cold sores. While the copper nasal wand is not a substitute for regular handwashing with soap, it can serve as a naturopathic sanitizer. We believe everyone deserves access to safe, affordable, and natural products to deal with cold symptoms, which is why our team have analyzed current data and research to create an antimicrobial tool that can help support your body's immune system to prevent colds and recover from them quickly and effectively. However, the Copper Rescue® should not be used by anyone with an allergy or sensitivity to copper or with Wilson's disease.

Research has proven time and again that it is vital to take care of your mind, body, and spirit. Holistic medicine has been around for years, and it has numerous benefits. It serves as a preventative measure against microbes and diseases and can help reduce stress. That's why we developed Copper Rescue®, for people interested in homeopathic or holistic medicine that are seeking a natural reusable tool that effectively eliminates germs. Our goal was to create a straightforward solution to help those overwhelmed by cold symptoms and sores by utilizing copper's naturopathic germ fighting properties.

Designed to act as a natural germ defense, Copper Rescue® is equipped with features that will make your life easier and enhance your wellbeing. Our product never expires like other treatments and products do.

Copper Rescue's® primary health and wellness features include:

For Cold Symptoms: We created Copper Rescue® to act as a natural germ defense by supporting the body's natural immune system. The nasal wand has proven to be effective in helping with cold symptoms. We recommend that users use a clean Copper Rescue® within the first 2 hours of experiencing cold symptoms for the best results. The multitool is to be used for up to one minute per nostril, and to go straight back into the first nasal cavity and not up the nose (see illustration.)

Clean Hands: We all know that washing hands with soap and water is the best way to fight germs and kill microbes that rest on our hands. However, Copper Rescue® can also be used as an additional sanitizer that can help kill germs. To reduce the number of germs on your hands, roll the device between your hands and fingers for 1-2 minutes. Once there is enough friction, the copper ions will begin to combat the germs.

Cold Sores: We all know how frustrating cold sores can be. Copper Rescue® is an efficient alternative for cold sore treatment and remedies. All you have to do is rub the tool over the tingling area (premature cold sore) for 2-4 minutes. This can be repeated 3-4 times a day before the blister stage if needed. If the cold sore does not improve, you should slightly extend the 4-minute time limit, so that the application of the Rescue can effectively aid your body to naturally heal your cold sore.

Cleanse and Sanitize Minor Cuts: Due to its cleansing/germ fighting properties, Copper Rescue® is a natural sanitizer. The Copper Rescue® multitools are helpful for cleansing small cuts and even can help the user to deal with minor acne. To cleanse your wound using the homeopathic / naturopathic alternative tool, you need to rub the copper nasal wand over the area for 2-4 minutes a few times a day. In addition, you can also use this germicidal tool to aid the body in healing finger and facial warts.

Copper Rescue® never expires and can be taken anywhere life takes you. It is available in three different sized packs. In addition, each one of our packages is reasonably priced. Our products and packages include:

Friends and Family Pack: Our friends and family pack consist of four Copper Rescue® wands, so you can also gift it to your friends and family members to help support their health and wellness. With a versatile germicidal device available around the house at all times, you can help keep yourself and others well.

Couple Defense Pack: A couple's defense pack consists of two Copper Rescue® multitools. This package is ideal for a couple as it is affordable and works as a perfect gift for your partner. If you or your partner are prone to cold symptoms or you find yourself searching for natural remedies for how to get rid of cold sores, our couple defense pack is perfect for both of you.

Original Copper Rescue®: The original Rescue is a single copper nasal wand that never expires and the perfect tool for your health and wellness tool box. You can take it with you wherever life takes you to aid your body in preventing and fighting off colds, cold sores as well as, naturally sanitizing minor cuts and abrasions.

Clip n Clean: Other than being the best personal use antimicrobial product on the market, an appealing feature of Copper Rescue® is its versatility. You can carry it anywhere - from hiking to your work to ensure that you can ward off germs wherever you go. Clip n Clean is an accessory that allows you to carry Copper Rescue® with you, (you can attach it to your bag to ensure that it is not misplaced.)

Copper Rescue® was developed by natural health advocates in Big Timber Montana. We strive to bring this unique and useful product from Big Timber Montana to households everywhere. In addition, we aim to use copper healing properties for the welfare of users.

We carefully developed Copper Rescue® to help everyone ward off germs effectively (please see notation on use with children). The rescue works by preventing cell respiration of microbes that land on the copper ions by punching holes in their bacterial cell membrane and destroying the DNA and RNA inside. For these reasons, Copper Rescue® is ideal for those looking to transition to a homeopathic or naturopathic alternative that can prevent the side effects of conventional medicines. Over the last few years, we have developed a unique product to help as many people as possible to aid in their health and wellness. As a result, our customers have labeled Copper Rescue® as the best alternative for cold sores and annoying viral bacterial symptoms because of its practicality, versatility, effectiveness, and affordability. Value, value, value.

No Copper Rescue has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. The information on our website has not be evaluated by the FDA and is not intended for the purpose to treat, cure, or diagnose any condition. It is meant to be shared simply as information and not as health advise.