FAQ: How Copper Rescue® Works

Does Copper Kill Germs?

Pure copper is one of the most conductive and versatile metals known to man. In 2008, the EPA recognized copper as antimicrobial. This means when a microbe (such as a germ cell or virus) comes in contact with a pure copper surface, it is deactivated (or killed). The electron exchange between the surface of the

Copper Rescue® and the germ cell ruptures the cell's membrane causing it to die. Also, copper atoms that are absorbed into the germ cell (or virus) wreak havoc on the internal structure of the microbe. This renders the cell useless, completely incapable of duplicating itself, acting as a natural sanitizer. Learn more about how does copper kills germs and the science of the Copper Rescue®.

Although the effectiveness of pure copper was forgotten with the rise of antibiotics, the health community is reinstating it as a germicidal. Now, with the specialized Copper Rescue® design, germs can be killed in a variety of ways and locations including: stopping colds, cold sore treatment, and sanitizing hands. It is important to follow the instructions for safe and effective use.

Copper Rescue® FAQ Commonly Asked Questions

The Copper Rescue® naturopathic multitool is a perfect alternative for those looking for homeopathic or holistic medicine solutions that can be used as a cold and flu preventative when you are around sick people, by killing these germs both on the hands and in your nose. The copper element of this tool is antimicrobial so it will aid in killing germs before they get the chance to incubate!

Copper Rescue® is specifically designed to be able to access this germ hot spot. If you take nasal action within two hours of feeling a cold coming on, your Copper Rescue® can aid your body in stopping the cold and flu before full blown symptoms develop. We often hear reports from customers who missed this key window, but still were able to shorten the duration of their illness. Catching the cold and flu early, and using a clean Rescue wand are very important for effective results. It is important to follow the instructions for safe and effective use.

Since cold sores are also caused by viruses, Copper Rescue® can have amazing results on them. When rubbed on a cold sore in the early stages, the copper atoms attack the virus, killing it before the cold sore gets to the blister stage.

Occasionally wiping your rescue wand with clean steel wool will greatly increase the effectiveness when treating cold sores. This is because the steel wool cleans the surfaces while simultaneously freeing up copper atoms to penetrate the skin on your lips. The more contact with the virus the quicker the results. Follow the instructions for safe and effective use. Use of our homeopathic alternative solution - the copper nasal wand as a proxy for cold sore treatment has some of our customers seeing results in less than a day. No more painful blisters. Keep your lips healthy and beautiful.

Yes! We encourage people to try it on festering cuts and minor acne, the Copper Rescue® antimicrobial powers will assist the body's natural healing by killing off the irritating bacteria. We have also received testimonials about Copper Rescue helping eliminate finger and face warts! Wart viruses are protected with a thick layer of skin so they are harder for the copper atoms to affect (persistence is key), but we have heard positive feedback so give it a go.

Since pure copper has been proven by science to act as a natural sanitizer and to kill germs on contact, the Copper Rescue has numerous applications when it comes to killing microbes (bacteria, viruses, and some forms of fungus). We encourage everyone to add the Copper Rescue® to their personal health and wellness toolbox.

Copper Rescue is the holistic medicine alternative to traditional medicines. The powerful science of copper was forgotten about with the rise of antibiotics and was replaced with less powerful copper products, such as bracelets or superstitious wands. Our goal with Copper Rescue® is to bring back the antimicrobial and natural sanitizer properties of pure copper into the world of personal health and wellness. We want everyone to benefit from the natural and proven science. That's why we decided to make the most effective and affordable copper tool on the market.

The Copper Rescue is a holistic medicine alternative to traditional medicine in the prevention and treatment of bacteria and viruses that is safe to use. However, we recommend moderate and informed use. We provide detailed instructions and list potential warnings such as "it is for personal use only" and "only use in a calm environment." Copper Rescue® should not be used by anyone with a metal allergy / sensitivity or Wilson's disease.

Copper Rescue® will last you a lifetime, not just sitting in your bathroom drawer at home, but defending you from germs wherever you go. Please see use and care for instructions on how to keep your Copper Rescue effective over the years.

Compare Copper Rescue® to traditional cold and cold sore treatments that are recurring $10 and $20 bills; the value is unmatched. The cost of buying a year's worth of chemical hand sanitizers alone greatly exceeds that of one Copper Rescue. The lifetime value purchase is extremely worth it. See our 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Yes, it is well known that copper tarnishes over time creating a dulling effect or patina. Your Copper Rescue® comes with an airtight test tube carrying case to lessen tarnishing; however if and when tarnish occurs it can be rubbed off with a piece of clean dry steel wool (preferably fine), and then wiped clean with a dry cloth.

The EPA recognizes copper as continually self sanitizing. However, for the most effective results we recommend keeping it free of oils and lotion. This allows the copper atoms to have the most direct effect on germ cells. Simply wipe it down with a clean dry cloth between uses.

Copper Rescue® can be used for preventative use or to fight germs as soon as you feel them coming on. Every Copper Rescue comes with a detailed instruction sheet inside of the test tube carrying case. A list of directions are listed on this site.

No, there are plenty of other ways to benefit from Copper Rescue®, but since the viruses that cause colds first attach to the Nasal Epithelial Cells (the lining inside your nose). The only way to effectively stop a cold as soon as you feel it coming on is to kill these viruses by touching them with your Copper Rescue®. It is completely up to you whether you want to undergo the 2 minute germ killing spree, or the extended recovery time for the common cold. In the end, when used correctly, Copper Rescue will save you time and money.

We come across germs on a daily basis. Since the Copper Rescue® has to be used at the beginning of a cold or cold sore for the most effective results, we recommend that everyone always keep theirs handy at all times, don't travel without it. Thanks to the affordability and great results, some people have purchased 2 Rescues, one for home and one for work. The sooner you use it the better the results. It's a good feeling to have a proven germ fighting tool wherever you go.