Copper Rescue® Mission

We're striving to change the way society deals with germs; through a quality, effective, and affordable tool that can benefit everyone in their day to day lives. We are here to serve you and want to ensure you get the most beneficial results and convenient service.

We Offer a Fast and Effective Antimicrobial Solution

Copper Rescue® is a natural germ defense system that was developed to support the body's immune system and help boost one's wellness. Our team is committed to providing an antimicrobial solution that will enhance the health and wellness of the community that improves their standard of living.

We aim to make our natural, effective, and quality based multitool to fight microbes accessible to everyone by offering it at reasonable rates. From nature to you, Copper Rescue® is designed to help support the body deal with cold symptoms, cold sores and finger / facial warts, and conveniently cleanse hands and minor cuts. With various affordable packages that cater to the needs of couples, friends, and families, we are dedicated to providing people with natural germ defense.

We believe that providing a versatile antimicrobial solution will significantly improve one's wellness because they will be able to clean their hands and wounds wherever they go. So whether you are on vacation or on a hike, Copper Rescue® will act as a natural germ defense, safeguarding your health while working with your body's natural immune system. Be Natural Copper Up.

About Copper Rescue®

We are a Montana, USA based family owned company. We started our business to provide people all around the world access to holistic wellness products that are both affordable and of high quality. Our goal is to improve the lives of individuals through useful alternative wellness products, affordability, and quality customer service.

As natural health advocates, we have chosen Copper Rescue® as our premier product. The practicality of this household item makes it one-of-a kind! When it comes to germs, we know that copper is a powerful disinfectant. Making Copper Rescue® stand out from other germicides on the market today as one of its most popular products due do its practicality and versatility in everyday life.

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