The Science Explained

Does Copper Kill Germs?

Numerous scientific studies along with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) have confirmed that copper is antimicrobial. This means it kills microbes on contact. Thanks to this rare and lifesaving attribute, copper has helped mankind for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations used it to keep longstanding drinking water pure and also to sterilize chest wounds. It was not until the late 1800's that science actually realized what copper was doing to the germs. When antibiotics came out in the 1920's, copper and its amazing uses took a back seat in the health industry. Now copper's germ fighting value is making a come back. Certain hospitals*, airports, and gyms have been bringing in antimicrobial copper surfaces to help prevent the spread of deadly viruses and bacteria. Copper Rescue® is the first affordable homeopathic natural germ defense type of tool to take advantage of all the benefits of antimicrobial copper.

*American Journal of Infection Control: Hospital cuts down spread of HAI's using copper.

How does copper atom break down microbes?

There are various theories to why pure copper kills germs, but it all comes down to the amazing conductivity and structure of the copper atom. In short: the electron exchange between the surface of the Copper Rescue® and the germ cell ruptures the cell's membrane creating structural damage and allowing a full blown attack on the internal components. This process has been given the name "contact killing." Since the copper atom uses multiple methods to kill the microbe, the effects are extremely fast. After just 1 minute the Copper Rescue® has a devastating affect on all kinds of germs.

Opening the Attack

As soon as copper atoms come in contact with a germ cell, electrons rupture the cell membrane (or cell wall). This is due to two unique factors: membrane potential and copper ions.

The Science Behind Tarnishing

Tarnishing is usually thought of as a negative concept. However, in the case of killing germs, the chemistry behind tarnishing plays a huge role. Tarnished copper is caused by the copper atoms bonding with surrounding particles, including carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and even plain oxygen. This results in a new compound, often dulling exterior of a copper item, even sometimes creating a green appearance or patina. Since individual copper atoms are always looking to bond with surrounding particles, as soon as copper is absorbed into the microbe it bonds with vital structures inside the cell. This immediately causes important functions in the cell to cease. The germ cell is no longer capable of breathing, eating, creating energy, or replicating itself, causing immediate death. The reason copper tarnishes is part of the reason it is so powerful against germs. Since the various methods that copper uses to kills germs are so over powered and efficient, germs are deactivated before they are able to replicate and therefore spread the infection or sickness.

Keep It Effective

Although the science behind the tarnishing process plays a huge role in killing germs, tarnish itself can have a negative effect. Since a tarnished surface limits the exposure of pure copper atoms, a tarnished Copper Rescue® will not be as effective as a clean one. To remove the tarnish, we recommend occasionally wiping down your Copper Rescue® with clean dry steel wool. This will remove a tarnished layer and increase effectiveness by freeing up copper atoms on the surface; allowing for more germ killing when treating a cold or a cold sore. Even a thin layer of oil from our skin can impede the germ killing process, so we recommend wiping your Rescue with a clean dry cloth after each use.

Why does it target bacteria and viruses?

Only microbes are susceptible to copper due to their extremely small size. Copper is able to target and kill these cells because their membrane (or cell wall) is extremely thin, especially compared to human skin cells. The difference between our cells and microbes allows copper to kill off the harmful organisms, while not harming your individual cells; providing a safe and effective way to eliminate germs.

How does the Copper Rescue® help support the body when dealing with colds?

The common cold and flu are often caused by viruses transmitted through the air or across touch surfaces. Before a person becomes infected they have to acquire the virus, either picking it up on their hands or by breathing it in. The Copper Rescue® is a holistic medicine alternative that can be used as a cold preventative when you are around sick people, by naturally sanitizing and killing these germs both on the hands and in the nose. Even after the virus has taken hold, it has to incubate in the back lower part of the nostril. The Copper Rescue® is specifically designed to be able to access this germ hot spot.

If you take proper nasal action within two hours of feeling a cold coming on, the Copper Rescue® can stop the cold before full blown symptoms develop. We often hear from customers who missed this key window, but still were able to shorten the duration of their cold. Catching the cold early, and using a clean Rescue are very important for effective results. It is important to follow the instructions for safe and effective use.

How does the Copper Rescue® help support the body when dealing with cold sores?

Since cold sores are also caused by viruses, the naturopathic Copper Rescue® can have amazing results on them. When rubbed on a cold sore in the early stages, the copper atoms attack the virus, killing it before the cold sore gets to the blister stage. Occasionally wiping your Copper Rescue® with steel wool will greatly increase the effectiveness when dealing with cold sores. This is because the steel wool cleans the surfaces while simultaneously freeing up copper atoms to penetrate the skin on your lips. The more contact with the virus the quicker the results. Follow the instructions for safe and effective. Some people are even seeing results in less results in less than a day. No more painful blisters. Keep your lips healthy and beautiful. People that seek holistic or homeopathic alternatives rave about our naturopathic copper wand.

How effective is it?

A clean Copper Rescue® will kill germs within seconds. This being said, receiving help with colds and cold sores falls entirely into the hands of the user. It must be used properly and in the early stages (for colds/cold sores) to deactivate enough viruses/bacteria for you to see results. You must be diligent in your "germ exterminating". It is comforting to be able to have a proven and naturopathic germ killing tool.

*We have testimonials of customers reporting: they used it after they were already sick, yet still it significantly shortened the duration of their sickness.

Due to the many methods that copper uses to kills germs, copper has a deadly effect on a wide variety of harmful microbes. The homeopathic / naturopathic benefits of pure copper are endless, and now they are available to you in one convenient personal health and wellness tool. Equip yourself today and defend against germs for years to come.

Through proper application, the Copper Rescue® design allows for amazing results.

From the Beginning

Copper was one of the very first metals ever worked with by man.

Vital for Life

Our bodies need Copper in many places including: red blood cells, the nervous system, the immune system, and connective tissue such as skin and hair cells.

A Diverse Tool

Apart from electrical systems copper is used to reduce the growth of green algae in the sea vessel industry and to reduce mold in certain construction projects.


In a succession of cholera epidemics in Paris the health benefits of copper were brought to the spotlight. Copper workers in the midst of the outbreak showed immunity to the sickness. This was credited to their continual interaction with copper products.

Ancient Health

Ancient Greek and Romans used copper to treat ear aches and sterilize wounds. Around 2000 B.C. Egyptians used copper to keep long standing drinking water pure.

Copper Is The Future

Although copper was pushed aside by the rise of antibiotics, the health community is reinstating it as an important tool in decreasing the spread of deadly infections. Copper is even being used as an added substance in the development of new vaccines.


In a succession of cholera epidemics in Paris the health benefits of copper were brought to the spotlight. Copper workers in the midst of the outbreak showed immunity to the sickness. This was credited to their continual interaction with copper products.